Something Sinister This Way Comes.

As we move toward Halloween something truly sinister this way comes.  The end of year holidays. How fitting that such a time should be ushered in by the ghosts and ghouls of the night of the dead.

Night time trick or treating has been known to go sideways, as you likely know. I’ve explained to younger clients that dressing up as the figure of Death, complete with a scythe and mask, and lurking in the grounds of the local seniors home, outside the television room, looking in through the window, is not something that’s going to win them any friends. Pointing a skeletal hand and mouthing, “I’ve come for you!” does nothing to help the situation. Poor Mrs. Bodenstein! I don’t think the old woman will ever be the same.

One can only hope these little angels will bring this same diligence to solving the climate crisis as they age. The little darlings.

For many the holiday season is a triggering time with all the components of a movie of the week. Friends unseen for the last three years, the inevitable excess of alcohol and dangerous indulgence in earthly delights spanning big meals, new acquaintances and that most dangerous of Christmas landmines, visiting family.

As a child I remember being told one Christmas that I spent on the Isle Of Skye, in small village called Dunvegan, a piece of home spun wisdom that has stayed with me all the years since. My Great Aunt Moira took me aside and quietly confided to me that there’s only one thing worse than being alone at Christmas; having family come and stay over the holiday. Moira was a dour Scot who would have us as guests each Christmas holiday.

I have to say that did leave me feeling a little awkward.

Many people do find the holiday season quite triggering.  This is the first time in a while that we’ve been able to get together indoors. Some of us are going to find this difficult. Sometimes a little hypnosis is just what you need to carry you through these tricky times.

And that’s really why I’m writing.  I thought I’d just suggest that if you need a little bit of a tune up before the holiday season now is a good time to book a session.  I will be travelling for 5 weeks from the end of November until Christmas.  If you’d like to get in before I leave (or do an online session)  just give me a call on 778 919 0197 and I will find a slot for you. 

Best wishes,

Rob Hadley


Music is always the quickest way to change your mood. Try this…

I photographed Kate Bush numerous times in the early eighties. This is a suitable video for this time of year. Kate’s choreographer was a chap named Adam Darius. A remarkable individual and a famous mime. Their collaborations included this video and others such as Wuthering Heights. As much as Kate is a remarkable singer, she’s an even more remarkable dancer.  RH

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