Past Life Regression.

In the search for answers around who we are and how we have come to be the person we are today hypnosis can offer a window into the past in a unique way. Past life regression is a process that gives us a glimpse into lives that have come before, or memories that are stored within us.

I understand that this is a process that does not always sit comfortably into the belief system of every client. However, even the most skeptical of observers would agree that we don’t fully understand how memory works. Some people have the memory of being in the womb, while others can barely remember what happened three days ago. And some people can inexplicably recount in great detail things that happened many years before they were born.

All of this simply shows that there’s a wealth of things beyond our current understanding. For example this BBC article about epigenetics raises many more questions about how we process information than it answers.

Exploring past lives is an unusual process that has yielded extraordinary results for many of my clients. Habits and behaviours we struggle with today could quite conceivably have come from aspects of our past that we do not fully understand. In helping us to find ways ahead, examining some of these experiences, the traumas that could have emerged from them, and the way they have affected us can go a long way to helping us move past these obstacles.

Not everyone was the Queen Of Sheba in their past life. Indeed most of us had what might be described as mundane past lives. However, hidden within those prior existences are experiences that most likely effect us today.

I have a process for working with clients wishing to explore past lives. I will explain it here, and if you feel it’s something you’d like to do then give me a call on 778 919 0197, or email me on – and please include a phone number.

First of all I ask you to join me for a group discussion about hypnosis and past lives. This usually takes place on Thursday evenings at 7.00 pm, and last about 45 minutes. You will have many questions. Because there are always so many questions I have found it best to do a group information session, in which you will be with three or four others, and we discuss the format, the process and some of the theories of past lives in an informal and relaxed session. The discussion is usually quite wide ranging and sometimes stretches on a bit.

I then ask you if you’d like to proceed with a session, which we book and usually takes place within a week or so. The session is private and the details remain between us.

The cost is $20 for the information session, and $175 for the private past life session.

Give me a call if you’d like to explore this method of regression. I’d love to hear from you.

Rob Hadley – 778 919 0197

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