Downloadable Self Hypnosis Therapies.

We are all on our own particular journey – and it’s going to take us places we least expect. Sometime the uphill battle we face is something we create from our own perspective, and we could simply be rolling merrily downhill by shifting that.

Using self hypnosis files is a wonderful way to train your mind to take on new values and new perspectives. It’s a skill that is as old as human development itself, and learning to create trance and use it to good effect is something that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Below is a list of my current downloadable therapies. There are others in development. Feel free to contact me if what you need is not listed below.

The therapies below include everything from insomnia specific to more general therapies, such as reinvention or releasing emotional baggage. Some of these provide a great way to support ongoing therapy, and some are helpful in a stand alone role.

Either way, using them and experimenting with them is a great way to help yourself, and develop your own hypnosis skills.

When you can’t sleep and you’re trying to find relief, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. This self hypnosis MP3 will ease you into a calm state and let you find the comfort of a deep relaxing night’s rest. Simply download to your phone, use a headset and enjoy.

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