Self Hypnosis Skills For A Better Life.

In this project you are given a series of 5 self hypnosis files. These are practice files to help you develop your self hypnosis skills. Their repeated use will help you develop an increasing ability to achieve trance.

Additionally you are provided with 5 short talks (Parts 1 to 5) about hypnosis, to help you further understand the process and to help you get comfortable with the use of trance. It really does offer you a significant tool to bring improvements to your life, and help develop your self hypnosis skills. I’ve tried to keep these short and to the point.

I suggest working on each section for a week. So, use the first of the hypnosis file nightly for a week, and then start listening to the second. You need only listen to each talk once, unless you’re otherwise inclined. Either way, take your time. There’s no rush. Remember, you’re changing your life, not changing your socks.

As you listen to these self hypnosis files, and get a greater understanding of hypnosis, you will likely recognise certain aspects of the hypnosis process that you can adapt for yourself. I am a great believer that you are your own best hypnotist. Creating your own scripts and recording them for yourself is a helpful way to manage your own self development.  My best advice with this is to keep them simple, and only work on one issue at a time.

I mention Esther Ekhart in this project. I am not affiliated in any way with Esther, but I do feel her particular brand of yin yoga is very much in tune with my ideas, and can help in the process of achieving trance. Her website can be found here –

Be sure to check back on my site for further projects. I do update them from time to time and add new content constantly.

If you have specific questions, be sure to email me at  I do my best to answer all questions, though sometimes there is a little bit of a backlog.

Enjoy this project, and feel free to let me know how you get along.

Rob Hadley Cht.

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