Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy.

I’m a hypnotist and have been practicing in Vancouver since 2007 and I am delighted to help clients looking for hypnotherapy services.

On this site you’ll find some of the products I offer hypnotherapists, online clients, and in person clients. Be sure to explore these pages to see if anything appeals to you.

As you probably know, hypnosis is a powerful tool used to overcome a variety of issues. In the years since I started working in this field I can honestly say I have worked with most of them. I always bring my best game to the table, and work diligently to see that my clients find the relief they seek.

I have become well known in the hypnosis community, and over the years have been very well established in this line of work. If I am unable to help you be assured I will point you in the right direction.

I have trained most of the best hypnotists in Vancouver being the founder of Vancouver Hypnotherapy, Vancouver Hypnotherapy School and of The Technical Hypnotherapy Association. I trained under Leslie MacIntosh at the Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy, and Jerry Kein, at the Omni Centre in Florida.

After setting up Vancouver Hypnotherapy in 2007 I ran the company for 13 years, developing it to a point of employing 6 therapists and two administration staff. I now run a small practice in Kitsilano. To learn more about me I would suggest checking my Mastodon feed, or listening to some of my podcast episodes.

My practice is very confidential. I generally look after premium clients with highly specific requirements.

If you feel you have a situation in which hypnosis and hypnotherapy may help, give me a call. I look after my clients at 1892 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9

Call me on 778 919 0197 for assistance.