Hypnosis and Tarot Workshop – Online Version.

I’m thrilled to offer the online version of this successful Tarot Workshop. This includes 5 sound files which can be used in succession to experience the workshop in one sitting, or can be used in five sittings over a period of your own choosing.

The five sound files take you through a series of exercises designed to deepen your practice. They are easy to use, and each one can be used as a stand alone part of the workshop. My advice is to use a reasonable headset, select a period each day to work with each file and to use them either in one sitting or over a course of five days.

Using the downloadable version of this workshop you are able to experience the self hypnosis, work through the deeper questions in your own time, and progress in privacy at your own pace.

I am available to all my members to answer questions via email at vanbc1963@yahoo.com and additionally suggest that if you’re going to be using this method to do the workshop it is definitely worth joining my Patreon (for $5.00 a month) to get the additional support of the connection there.

You’re going to need a set of Tarot cards, I suggest a set based on the Rider Waite Smith deck, though you can use Oracle cards of your own choosing if you prefer. You will need a comfortable space in which you won’t be disturbed, and a yoga mat and a blanket are a good idea. I know you’ll enjoy the workshop.

You can download the Hypnosis And Tarot Workshop – Online Version below for a price of $69.99