Quitting Smoking.

It’s all just a matter of will power. Right? Wrong. It’s a lot more complex than that.

Rather than starting with the idea of stopping smoking we should think about why you started smoking. Many of us did so to emulate a parent. Others did so as a rebellion against their parents. Others still see it as a mark of individuality. And, of course, there are others who did it to fit in with the crowd. Yeah, it’s pretty complex. You’d be amazed at the reasons people have to start smoking. My mother started in the 1950’s because a doctor told her it would ease her nerves. Nice. She died of cancer years later, and that’s why I became a hypnotherapist.

I’ve subsequently trained Vancouver’s best therapists working in the field of quit smoking hypnosis. When you work with me you are working with someone completely invested in your success.

People start smoking for any number of reasons, but they usually stop for one reason. Their health. You already know it’s bad for you, you’d have to be living under a rock to think otherwise. The challenge lies in ending the use of tobacco, and that can be a pretty big hurdle. It becomes so difficult because we load our smoking habit with other beliefs.

“I do it to relieve stress.”

“I’m not stopping just because everyone tells me to!”

As I write this I am realising that there are few excuses left. I just don’t hear that many nowadays. It usually boils down to, “I just haven’t got around to quitting. I probably will this year.”

None of these are good reasons to continue smoking. If recent years have shown us anything it’s that our health is more important than ever. Continuing to smoke is literally like scoring an own goal against your team. I quit 20 years ago. It was easy. I was in ICU with collapsed lungs at the time. I was in Mozambique at the time and had malaria. After that, I assure you, the last thing you want to do is light up a smoke.

When you quit smoking with me I take you through the process easily and with compassion. It’s not an easy task, but you’re not going to be doing this alone. We are going to solve this for you.

So, if you’re ready we can take care of this. It’s really up to you. I’ve helped hundreds of people end their smoking habit. Very possibly you know someone who I’ve worked with. Below is a video of a former client. The only bad thing about helping you quit smoking is that in most cases I just get to meet you the one time!


This is an old video from the days I ran Vancouver Hypnotherapy. It’s such a nice one I can’t help but use it. I was younger and slimmer back then!

Still not sure? I made this video a long time ago explaining a little more about how Quit Smoking hypnosis works. You may find it helpful. I can’t believe I look so young.

Just as an aside, here’s a little trivia for you. The medical profession have always had a slightly compromised relationship with smoking. Up until the 1950s when the first adequate treatment for asthma arrived on the market – an asthma ‘cigarette’ would be about all your doctor would have to offer you to relieve the symptoms. Here’s a great old advertisement to give you something to think about.

You have to love the fact that they’re not recommended for children under 6. How thoughtful!

Call me when you are ready. Let’s knock this on the head together.

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