For In person clients.

I see a diverse spread of clients who are looking for relief from a broad range of issues. As you likely know Hypnotherapy can be used to address many issues.

Quitting smoking has been a mainstay of my practice since 2007, yet that really is only one part of this modality. There are many different challenges that hypnosis can be used to alleviate, from anxiety or chronic pain to a broad range of dysfunctional behavioral activities.

In the many years I’ve worked as a clinical hypnotherapist I think I can say I’ve pretty well seen it all. A talented hypnotherapist can find ways to deliver relief and support their clients. If you give me a call I can let you have a pretty good idea of whether or not hypnotherapy is likely to be the right solution for you.

In teaching many students over the years I have also found that not every hypnotist is the right person for every client. I still maintain an excellent relationship with many other therapists and, should I not be the right match, I will be very happy to suggest one or two options for you.

My Availability.

I see a limited number of private clients in person. My office is at #2, 1892 West Broadway. This is at the junction of Cypress and Broadway. Parking is available on 10th avenue at various public parking locations.

My rate is $195 per hour, and payment can be made using the options below. Quit smoking hypnosis requires a longer session and is priced at $395.

Please call me on 778 919 0197 and let’s see if we’re a good fit. If so I will make your appointment.

Parking is available on 10th avenue at various public parking locations.

Pay for 1 session – $195 Pay for 4 sessions with a 10% discount.