For Hypnotherapists

The key to developing your business is through co-operation and networking. We work better when we work together. Image by Paul Fischer.

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I have been providing training for hypnotherapists since 2007. I am pleased to say I’ve trained some wonderful people and in most cases they have gone on to be very effective hypnotists, supporting their clients and bringing a professionalism to their work that is an example of how this modality can be used to good effect.

Be sure to check out the training modules below. I am continually adding new modules, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to email me and I will see if I have something in development that will assist you.

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Client treatment modules

Marketing training

Workshops and seminars for the hypnotherapy community.

Talks And Presentations for hypnotists.

I believe we work better when we operate together using methods that will best serve our clients. No single one of us will ever have more experience than the group, and by mutual co-operation we can improve our own skills as well as deliver excellence in our service to clients.


Hypnotherapy Techniques.

This is a simple physical technique. It’s not going to be suitable for all clients but can be quite a powerful method for some types of subject.

Client treatment modules

Hypnotherapy Basic Treatment Training Module

In this module you are introduced to working with clients. The objective is to put that work into a manageable framework and introduce method into your treatment. This module is the basis of all work you would do with any clients.

Typically you then build on this by going on to first study and then specialise in working with particular issues and types of client.

Anxiety Treatment Training Module

In this training module we look at the following issues:

1. The impact of pharmacy on anxiety clients.

2. Dealing with anxiety at a general level

3. Dealing with specific types of anxiety (including phobias).

4. The use of regression, positive reinforcement and ACT therapies.

5. A typical treatment plan.

We provide you will effective methods of working with anxiety clients, as well as some valuable techniques that will help manage phobias and other related challenges. 

Four Session Pot Treatment Module

This detailed treatment plan takes you through exactly how to work with pot clients. You’ll learn what to expect, and what to look out for. You will gain techniques that are proven and have worked effectively with countless clients.

Addictions Treatment Training Module

In this module we work with therapists to help them understand how to work with addictions in the following areas:

1. Narcotics

2. Alcohol

3. Prescription Drugs

4. Antidepressants

5. Gambling

This module presents powerful tools for working with the issues over a period, and will allow you to deliver meaningful assistance to your clients.

Bulimia Treatment Plan Training Module

Bulimia is a complex and largely misunderstood issue. In this training module you will learn how to work effectively with Bulimia, from therapists who have worked successfully with the issue over many years.

This module uses the techniques pioneered at Vancouver Hypnotherapy and now used successfully by hundreds of therapists around the world. This is designed for hypnotists with an intermediate level of experience.

One Session Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Treatment Method

As a hypnotist you have a great power to influence people. In this module we share the method that has helped countless smokers end their relationship to tobacco.

In this training module you learn not only how to end someone’s smoking permanently, you also learn how to promote and sell this service. You learn the importance of followup and methods that will make this an important part of your practice.

Marketing training

Marketing Your Practice – Module 1

Get the real inside story on how to market your practice. You will learn how to brand, how to price your services, even how to answer the phone. This invaluable document is often the difference between a practice that succeeds and one that fails. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are the best therapist in the world if you don’t stay in business long enough to help your clients!