I love to help people with readings from the Tarot. I’ve done so for many years and have found it a powerful tool in the search for a path ahead.

If you have found yourself questioning the way your life is going and searching for direction I’d like you to join me for coffee and a Tarot reading. These informal sessions are a classic form of reading that will help you find the direction you’re seeking.

Many people struggle with the uncertainties of life, particularly in the last year. Tarot offers a way to explore some of the choices that consume us. Let me help you find the way ahead. With the help of the cards we’ll examine your thoughts and find hope, purpose and clarity.

Is Tarot ‘therapy’?

When metaphysical concepts such as Tarot are suggested in the realm of therapy they are often met with a degree of skepticism. However, there are some useful tools which help us look at issues from a different viewpoint. Tarot is one such tool, and is well documented in the counselling and therapy world as serving a positive purpose. I would also say that the benefits one gains from the Tarot are closely related to the skills of the reader and the rapport with the client. I’ve helped many clients with readings over the years, and would be delighted to work with you.

Finding your soul purpose.

In the quest to find our soul’s purpose many people find they are directionless and disconnected. When we’re not sure which way to turn it’s often because we’re not in alignment with our purpose. Finding your larger purpose in life is something the tarot can help with.

Creating Your Tarot Journey.

We are all on a journey. We will have ups and downs. We also all have different desires and goals. In a series of readings we will explore your own tarot journey. We’ll explore where you’ve come from and see where you’re going.

Is the Tarot going to help me win the lottery?

I’m not going to be able to give you the winning numbers for next weeks lottery. If you can find someone who can, be sure to let me know! However, what I can do is offer the insight gained from the Tarot to help you find growth, abundance and the relief we gain from lifted spirits.

More Tarot information.

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I charge $60 cash for a 30 minute reading.

Email me to set up an appointment.

I do readings in person or via WhatsApp.

From time to time I run tarot events. These are educational, empowering and often fun. If you’d like to be informed about these events sign up below and I’ll keep you in the loop.