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    In my ongoing quest to provide something more uplifting to #StartTheDay than the day’s news here’s a look at the Waverley Model 21 Road Wagon, electric car, from 1902.. You can find more of my Start The Day posts on my Mastodon at https://mastodon.online/@RobHadley

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    How a lay preacher made a tech revolution revolting.

    I have an increasing feeling of disquiet when I look at how we relate to technology of late.  This is something in which I suspect I am not alone. While generally positive about new technologies, I find an increasing disquiet about how some of the newer technologies are playing out.  I will explain. This is a story that starts in 1712 – before even I was born – but one which has very applicable lessons for us today. You’re doubtless wondering what happened in 1712. A lay preacher and general do-gooder named Thomas Newcomen developed the first commercial steam engine. There had been earlier iterations, but these were little more…

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    If you’re from Winnipeg you probably shouldn’t read this.

    One of my recent clients recently described a sense of overwhelming pessimism which they were experiencing. They were from Winnipeg, which some people might consider reason enough to feel that way, though that’s not a view to which I subscribe. Many years ago I had a very sweet client come to see me to quit smoking. It was in the early days of the practice. She was a very kind lady, name Carla. I believe she was the manager at Joe Fortes, a restaurant in Vancouver. I helped her quit smoking successfully. However, in subsequent years she sent so many of her staff to see me that I will always…

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    Twitter and Alternative Realities.

    Hi,Opening my Twitter the other day I was greeted by a message from sex abuse denier Jim Jordan, a distasteful individual who is campaigning for re-election in Ohio. This isn’t something calculated to put me in a good mood for the day. I see this, apparently, because other people I follow have clicked the ‘like’ button in Twitter, and so an algorithm cleverly written by someone who doesn’t know me, or apparently many other people and doesn’t get out very often thinks this is what I’d like to be exposed to first thing in the morning. Elon Musk’s recent takeover of the platform is the latest in a series of episodes…

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    Something Sinister This Way Comes.

    As we move toward Halloween something truly sinister this way comes.  The end of year holidays. How fitting that such a time should be ushered in by the ghosts and ghouls of the night of the dead. Night time trick or treating has been known to go sideways, as you likely know. I’ve explained to younger clients that dressing up as the figure of Death, complete with a scythe and mask, and lurking in the grounds of the local seniors home, outside the television room, looking in through the window, is not something that’s going to win them any friends. Pointing a skeletal hand and mouthing, “I’ve come for you!”…

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    A Different Way Of Purchasing.

    I had an interesting talk with a client the other day.  They were describing their frustrations about the way they are marketed to. This is an area I am very interested in, running my small business. They felt that they were consistently being told to buy products or services, while often they’d managed perfectly well without buying new things, and making do with what they already have. They felt the pressure of all these marketing messages, on Facebook, their TV and every billboard in town was wearing them down both emotionally and financially. This was, by any reasonable definition, a from of mental stress. It certainly is true that we…

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    A tarot card for the day – The Moon.

    @tiktok_dailytarot The Moon – Your card for today. What is it you’re not saying? #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #astrrology ♬ original sound – TikTok Tarot A friendship or connection with someone, but you’re not really communicating as best you can. Be sure to sign up for my posts about tarot HERE. I’ll send you a short series of posts about tarot, how we use it and what it all means. Rob

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    TikTok – Bang!

    Here’s a card reading for the Tower – I post something every day or so if you’re a TikTok user you can find me there at TikTok_dailytarot. @tiktok_dailytarot July 7th – The Tower. Change is on the way. #tarot ♬ original sound – TikTok Tarot Join my Tarot group. Email Name Last name Subscribe Loading… Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list.