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    It’s the start of 2022 Grad Shows!

    I’m thrilled to be back doing grad shows after 2 years hiatus due to Covid restrictions. Here’s the playlist I’m using for the 2022 shows. If you’re one of the lucky schools in my list this year you’re in for a great experience. This years shows push the boundaries of hypnosis to the limit.

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    A quick story to elevate you.

    Over the years many clients have shared their stories with me. This particular story came to me from a delightful woman who agreed to let me repeat it on the condition I not reveal the location or her name. You may find it of some interest. The woman in question lived in downtown Vancouver years ago, but left shortly after Expo 86. They were the daughter of the building manager who managed a location then bordering Stanley Park. Apparently the property in question used to be somewhere many seniors lived. There was apparently one old woman who had lived there most of her adult life. In those days quite a few…

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    I’d rather be a hammer than a snail.

    My adult life got off to a shaky start. I was born in a ‘good’ family. When I exhibited early signs of illnesses like socialism and liberal thinking it was easy for my parents to do what any right thinking parents in the seventies would do, and throw me out of the house. The only problem was that in Maggie’s Britain there were three million unemployed, there was a war brewing and we were still in the throes of the cold war. It was what might reasonably be described as a hostile environment for a young left wing teenager with the wrong accent. And when I say ‘the wrong accent’…

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    The perils of morning exercise.

    Planting her feet firmly in a solid stance Mrs. Willoughby took the golf club in her hand, weighed it for heft and balance and took a practice swing. She found the flex and path of her drive to her satisfaction and then placed a ball on the tee she’d pressed into the sandy soil. She stretched her arms wide and twisted first to the left, and then the right to loosen her muscles, tight from the sleep she’d so recently risen from. The early morning light glinted from the surface of English bay, and the sound of wind moving through the trees helped her relax in preparation for her morning exercise.…

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    Hypnotherapy And Addiction

    Hypnotherapy has a powerful role to play in both overcoming addiction and in the process of recovery. I have assisted many clients in the process of ending their addictions and in managing the ongoing process of recovery. For those clients returning from rehab I am very pleased to provide a support service as they manage their progress and continue the path out of addiction. Feel free to contact me with questions on 778 919 0197

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    Stage Hypnosis

    I’m the first to admit that I am an incurable show off. Stage hypnosis allows me to indulge this side of my nature in a fun way that brings entertainment to thousands. I’ve performed in shows from Rio de Janiero to Mumbai, including London, Dubai and throughout the USA. I still perform for graduation, university functions and corporate clients. My corporate clients have ranged from Boeing, Coca Cola and Tim Horton’s, to law firms, advertising agencies and firms running corporate retreats. There’s a wealth of show material from shows I’ve stage online, but none is more impressive than the staging of The Harlequin Hypnosis Show which ran for four years…