A quick story to elevate you.

Over the years many clients have shared their stories with me. This particular story came to me from a delightful woman who agreed to let me repeat it on the condition I not reveal the location or her name. You may find it of some interest. The woman in question lived in downtown Vancouver years ago, but left shortly after Expo 86. They were the daughter of the building manager who managed a location then bordering Stanley Park.

Apparently the property in question used to be somewhere many seniors lived. There was apparently one old woman who had lived there most of her adult life. In those days quite a few people had pets in the apartments because it was close to the park. Of course, these days it’s hard to find anywhere that allows pets, sadly. People knew the old dear, but her only true friend was her feline companion, and she had no family that anyone knew of.

She passed away one night, which was not unexpected. These things happen, sadly. But it wasn’t till her cat was heard mewing that anyone came in and checked on her. That was when they found the body. The cat was very hungry, apparently, and there was no food left in the place for it.

The cat was adopted by my client, who was happy to look after it. For several years after, it would go to the elevator and wait till someone was going up to the floor the old woman had lived on, and would ride up with them and then sit outside her apartment waiting to be let in. My client would always know where to find the cat.

As time passed this happened less and less. In time the cat eventually passed away.

It wasn’t until some time later that people started noticing a mysterious woman in the apartments late at night, from time to time. She would be seen in the elevator by people coming home late at night. She wasn’t particularly old but people seemed to think she looked familiar. There was nothing particularly odd about her, except a few small details people began to notice.

It was always the same. She’d stand in the elevator carrying some shopping in her bag. People would notice the shopping, as the bag was old, and if they caught sight of the contents, cans of cat food, they looked a little like they were 1950s style packaging. The type face and design was ‘all wrong’, as my client put it.

The thing was, she’d never leave the elevator. She’d just be there when people got in, and she’d remain there when they’d get out. Still holding her shopping bag, heading to her apartment.

She’s still seen from time to time, I’m told. Just something to think about when you hear the elevator late at night.

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