• Tarot Reading Vancouver

    I am thrilled that you’re thinking about having a reading. There’s a few ways to do this, and I am sure we can do it quite swiftly for you. If you’re in Vancouver, you can come into my office at 1892 West Broadway and we can have a session there. Alternatively you can book me for an online session, from anywhere on this planet – or any other and all spaces in between. 🙂 You can use the forms below to pay for those two options, and I will then get back to you to arrange times. I usually respond within a couple of hours. Alternatively you can use my…

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  • Tarot

    A tarot card for the day – The Moon.

    @tiktok_dailytarot The Moon – Your card for today. What is it you’re not saying? #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #astrrology ♬ original sound – TikTok Tarot A friendship or connection with someone, but you’re not really communicating as best you can. Be sure to sign up for my posts about tarot HERE. I’ll send you a short series of posts about tarot, how we use it and what it all means. Rob

  • Tarot

    I love to help people with readings from the Tarot. I’ve done so for many years and have found it a powerful tool in the search for a path ahead. On this page I’ll describe a little about how Tarot can help you, however if you’re looking for some interesting things to do using tarot cards while online you can check out what I’ve got for you here. You can also join my free tarot program by signing up below. This will give you some tarot insights to think about and help you either use the cards for yourself, or read the cards for others. For my friends who are…

  • Why have a tarot reading?

    Many of my clients are aware of the spiritual undercurrents of their lives. The tarot offers a reference point for those of us who accept this side of ourselves. As we are shaped and influenced by these forces tarot can presents the opportunity to understand some of these events through a slightly different lens. Readings may show the likely developments from a particular situation. These may seem central to your life or perhaps even relatively mundane. Regardless, these are the things many choose to examine using the tarot. However insignificant some of these details may seem to be these are the details that dictate how we interact with life. They…

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  • The five Tarot cards that will help you overcome anxiety.

    I am often asked if the Tarot can help my clients manage anxiety. This is a subject that is dependent on the particular client’s belief system, however there’s good reason to suppose that the following method could be used for everyone. The first thing I’d advise is to think of the tarot cards as something of a lifeline.  When things start to become overwhelming it’s a great idea to begin a daily ritual. Carve out ten minutes in your evening, or morning, routine to sit down and relax and draw five cards quietly. If you do tarot regularly then you’ll probably have an idea of the specific definitions of the…

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    TikTok – Bang!

    Here’s a card reading for the Tower – I post something every day or so if you’re a TikTok user you can find me there at TikTok_dailytarot. @tiktok_dailytarot July 7th – The Tower. Change is on the way. #tarot ♬ original sound – TikTok Tarot Join my Tarot group. Email Name Last name Subscribe Loading… Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list.

  • Past Life Regression.

    In the search for answers around who we are and how we have come to be the person we are today hypnosis can offer a window into the past in a unique way. Past life regression is a process that gives us a glimpse into lives that have come before, or memories that are stored within us. I understand that this is a process that does not always sit comfortably into the belief system of every client. However, even the most skeptical of observers would agree that we don’t fully understand how memory works. Some people have the memory of being in the womb, while others can barely remember what…

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  • Services

    I provide a wide range of services that utilize hypnosis. This spans helping people quit smoking, lose weight and end other damaging behaviours. There’s also a wealth of topics that I am asked to help with around motivation to exercise, changing belief systems that are harmful, and even improving sports performance. There are even some types of issue which I cannot list as our advertising partners don’t allow the promotion of some services. So, I work within a few restrictive parameters. Each time I start to write a page like this I find that there’s more services that I could include. If you don’t see what you are looking for…

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